Because we live and work in the Lehigh Valley area, our patients are also our neighbors. That’s why we go out of our way to listen and help you. Below you can find real video testimonials from people we have helped, recorded right here in our Bethlehem dentist office. See and hear firsthand how we have helped people achieve better, healthier smiles.

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Good Morning Dr. Lambert and staff: What a terrific staff you have – they seem as much friends to one another and you plus they are so qualified. Right from the outset upon arriving everyone was very kind and helpful and I sincerely appreciate that. The simplest thing I can say is don’t change a thing; I felt I was working with world class professionals who all happened to be good people – What a rare thing in today’s workplace climate! What a pleasure it was to meet you and see the passion you have in your work. You made me feel like a real person – also an art form that seems to be less and less in play at the doctor’s or dentist’s office. Thanks to everyone for helping me

Dear Dr. Lambert,I cannot thank you enough for answering my call! You are truly an angel, then on top of it, my first visit was not bad at all! My fears I have of dentists - that I have had for many years due to my experiences that were not pleasant at all, are now better due to you. I thank you so very much! You are certainly a "10" in my book! You have got yourself a new patient! Thank you again for everything!

What I like the most about the office and staff is the clinical excellence of Dr. Lambert and that of his staff, the professional but warm-hearted approach his staff manifests and the clean, neat, organized appearance of his office. I have no hesitation or fear since I have had Dr. Lambert and his capable staff. My past experience with my prior dentist made me feel disappointed and disillusioned with dentists in general. I had repeatedly been disappointed and virtually ignored by them despite having been a loyal client for over 11 years. When I had a dental emergency, my old office could not have been less supportive or concerned about my well-being. Dr. Lambert and his staff are the most remarkable example of what excellence in dental care can be. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Lambert and his equally as capable and caring staff.

I feel like a family member being treated at Dr. Lambert’s office. It’s too bad that everyone else doesn’t hold the high standard that Dr. Lambert’s office does.

Personable, warm-hearted, respectful, competent and efficient. I appreciate the fact that I know that I am in the best of care regardless of the type of procedure needed. You epitomize excellence across the board.

I can’t say enough about how great the ENTIRE staff has been. I immediately got the sense that these people are definitely the cream of the crop. I very much appreciate the explanations of why and how things are being done and the proactive approach to preventing ongoing or new problems. I appreciate the efforts to make the procedures as comfortable as possible. The work that was done is beautiful and I am so thrilled that I made the switch. Thank you so much.

I think the staff was very pleasant to me when I arrived for my appointment. The dental assistant also made me feel relaxed before my procedure. I really liked the new approach to reversing the effects of novacaine. I went back to the office 95% free of numbness. I was able to answer the phone with confidence. Thanks Dr. Lambert.

Everyone is so nice and friendly. It is a very busy practice, yet everyone takes the time to answer your questions; you never feel rushed. The office staff does a great job.

Dr. Lambert and his staff is an asset to the dental community. The level of competency and expertise exceeds the level of exception. His staff compliments his skills with kindness, understanding and support. I highly recommend this office.

From the minute I entered the office I was pleased, relaxed, confident, and appreciative of the beautiful office, great front office receptionist, warm-hearted and proficient hygienist. The team effort, warm environment, exceptionally skilled dentist and staff…. What’s not to like?? The best dental experience of my life is right here, close to home. Absolutely no better dental experience can be had anywhere else!!

I just wanted to say that this is the best dentist office! The staff is over the top. I did not like going to dentists but I look forward to going to Dr. Lambert and his office staff. He has a great treatment plan and now my gums are the healthiest they have ever been. Dr. Lambert, your staff as well as yourself, has greatly reduced my fear of dentists. I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you for all you do and all you have done for me. Janice is over the top. She takes care of all my needs especially when it comes to billing and rescheduling and all related duties. She is very professional and very personable as well as knowledgeable with all my questions. Like I said…. ALL THE STAFF IS OVER THE TOP!

Pleasant and accommodating front desk welcome, skilled hygienist and knowledgeable dentist.

The staff is so knowledgeable, pleasant and nice to be around! They are great.

Friendly, professional, top quality service, cleanliness, comfort, etc. Thanks for many years of expert service!

Friendly and skilled employees. Carolee is fantastic!

Feels like I knew everyone prior to meeting you and your team.

The amazing and positive attitude of Dr. Lambert and his staff changed my perception of dentistry. They made me feel I was human versus “just” another patient with issues.

I like the personal contact and I feel confident in your office’s expertise.

This was the first time in 54 years that my fantastic hygienist worked with me to improve my dental health. The result was the first time I was congratulated with ‘excellent maintenance! Wow!

Office cleanliness, staff friendliness, short wait time, chairside manner, explained treatment … all 5 stars! Appointment was for routine x-rays and cleaning but always feel I am special when I’m there. Always have good conversation but still get the job done in a professional and timely manner. I especially like it when he says “I don’t see any problems”. I have been coming to this office for over 20 years. My mouth is one of a kind and the doc and staff has always gone above and beyond to handle everything I present him with over the years.

Not only is excellent work done, but the staff is professional and friendly. I have recommended you to friends.

My previous dental experiences left me with fear and apprehension about Dentists. Dr. Lambert and his staff have been incredible for me and my issues. I appreciate how they have changed my attitude about dentists.

I wish I had known about Dr. Lambert long ago. I felt very comfortable with him. The staff is very friendly and so is the atmosphere. It is a nice drive to Bethlehem. When I was given directions to his office, they were exact.

Always a pleasure seeing everyone in the office. Over the years and the extent of work I’ve had done, I should really hate to see you guys but that’s not the case at all. As you know, I’m not easily impressed and not always wanting to spend the money, but with the time of a proper explanation of procedure, I always end up making the right choice to avoid the money pit.

So far, I like EVERYTHING about your practice. I have ALWAYS had a GREAT fear of dentists. I believe if there is a dental practice that could help me be more comfortable about seeing a dentist, your practice will do this for me!! Thank you for everything you guys… see you soon!

The office staff always greets me with a smile when I arrive. They make you feel like family.

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