Teeth Whitening

If you drink coffee, tea, or wine, you have probably discolored your teeth over the years. Even if you never ate or drank anything that could stain teeth, losing a bright smile is often an inevitable part of growing older. Even tartar can take away the whiteness associated with a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why we offer teeth whitening techniques to make your smile what you’ve always wanted it to be.

How Whiter Teeth Can Help

It is often said that if you look good, you will feel good. Wearing a new outfit can improve your confidence, just as driving a high-end car can make you feel safe and successful. And when you feel confident and secure, you tend to be more successful at work, in relationships, and at life in general. The same is true for your smile. When you are embarrassed about the color of your teeth, you tend to be more hesitant and uncertain. What if someone notices your discolored smile? Will they think less about you? Point out your imperfection to others? That’s why teeth whitening is so much more than just cosmetic dentistry. It has the potential to change your life. A whiter smile can give you the confidence boost you need to feel secure in almost any social situation.

KöR Whitening For Natural, Healthy-Looking Smiles

There are over-the-counter teeth whitening products on the market, but not only are they often uncomfortable, they are unpredictable in their results and do not last. They may also be harmful, and they won’t give you the white smile you are looking for. The same is true for any system involving lasers to “activate” some kind of whitening agent. You could spend a lot of money and time on a system that simply doesn’t work as well as you need. To help return your teeth to their natural, healthy, white color, we offer the KöR teeth whitening system. Recognized as the most effective teeth whitening system in the world today, KöR Teeth Whitening uses a gel that deeply penetrates the teeth to remove both surface and underlying stains. It doesn’t matter if your teeth are stained from smoking, drinking coffee, or just age. KöR Whitening can help. Unlike other systems, the gel used in KöR Whitening is continuously refrigerated, ensuring it is perfectly preserved until the moment it is applied to your teeth. A desensitizer helps avoid sensitivity issues with your teeth. Kor whitening system offers both at home only and deep bleaching in office whitening options, and a combination of home and office. Either way, there are no lasers, lights, or similar gimmicks –– just an effective teeth whitening procedure to make your smile bright and healthy within the shortest amount of time.

What Is The Next Step?

If you would like to know more about teeth whitening, or to schedule a consultation to explore what kind of dental treatment can work best for you, please contact our office at (484) 403-0099 or fill out our short online form. A member of our staff will be happy to help find a date and time that works with your schedule. You deserve the best, whitest smile possible.

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