General Dentistry

Brushing, flossing, and being careful about your teeth is a vital step to maintaining a strong, healthy smile. But small problems can creep in despite your best efforts. Without regular dental care, small problems can fester and become alarmingly bad. That’s why we offer general dentistry services and preventive dental care. Catching problems early is the key to good dental health.

Dental Cleanings And Exams

We offer thorough dental cleanings and exams to help catch any problems before they become major issues. Of course, we offer time-tested methods like visual exams. But since our team continuously trains in the latest dental technology, we offer innovative solutions as well. All of our X-rays are digital, meaning you will have accurate images in a fraction of the time; and also, the use of digital X-rays means considerably less exposure for you compared to conventional dental X-rays. Our team will not only clean your teeth so you can have that fresh, “just visited the dentist” feel, but we also perform periodontal exams, TMJ evaluations, oral cancer screenings with OralCDx, and more. Our goal is to get a complete, meticulous understanding of your dental health — and to communicate that with you, so you have the information needed to make good decisions regarding your dental care.

Fluoride Treatments

We’ve all met people who embrace technology for no reason other than it’s new. We are continually investing in the latest technology that offers proven, safe, effective results for our patients. Fluoride continues to be an important part of dental care, and for good reason. Not only does it help prevent cavities, but it can also repair microscopic problems in your teeth before they get worse. The fluoride varnishes we provide in our Bethlehem office are much stronger and more effective than anything you can get over the counter, allowing your smile to better resist the acid-producing bacteria that lead to cavities.

Gum Disease Treatment

Harmful bacteria tend to cluster near teeth just below the gumline, and if unchecked, can lead to tender, red, and bleeding gums associated with gum disease. That’s why we offer nonsurgical gum disease treatments like scaling and root planing to eliminate the bacteria, plaque, and buildup before they lead to major issues.


Teeth are especially vulnerable to sports and bruxism, or grinding the teeth. Generic store-bought mouthguards are generally less effective than wearing no mouthguard at all. We offer custom athletic mouthguards designed to fit your mouth, giving you both comfort and protection. Whether you need an athletic mouthguard or something for teeth grinding, we have the perfect fit.

Nutritional Counseling

Food and drink have an obvious effect on your smile, but making the right choices can be confusing. With conflicting research studies and new nutritional guidelines, even the most careful eater can make the wrong choices. That’s why we offer nutritional counseling to help you eat well and keep your teeth –– and body –– healthy for years to come.


Even perfectly normal teeth have cusps, pits, and irregularities where food can stick. These become breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Sealants fill in those areas, smoothing out the surface to prevent bacteria from building up and make the teeth easier to clean. Regular visits to the dentist can save you time, money, and discomfort. To schedule a dental exam or dental cleaning, please contact our office today at (484) 403-0099 or fill out our short online form. A member of our staff will be happy to help find a date and time that works with your schedule.

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