What Are the Truths Behind the Popular Myths of Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic-related activity in today’s time. It can be done at home, at a salon, or in a professional setting. The two former options do not sound safe—they aren’t indeed. Choose the latter selection when it comes to teeth whitening. Before doing so, however, read these debunked myths that we at Always About Smiles listed below. We made an explanation for each misconception to widen the knowledge of everyone who is interested in the said treatment.

teeth whitening before and after

Famous Myths of Teeth Whitening

Myth: “The main whitening ingredient can place havoc to the enamel.”

Fact: The primary reason why some people damage their teeth and irritate their gums is that they tend to overuse the whitening products they bought over the counter. When applied professionally, however, the teeth bleaching gels will not cause any harm to the enamel. Contrary to what others believe, the whiteners will not scrape the outer layer of the teeth. They only make the pearly whites more porous to penetrate the whitening agent accurately. 

Myth: “Teeth whitening is not for someone with teeth sensitivity.”

Fact: Dental professionals have their way of making patients feel comfortable during any dental treatments, including those with sensitive teeth. The dentist can provide a particular toothpaste prior to the actual procedure to ward off teeth sensitivity. Also, our KöR Whitening comes with a desensitizer to ensure the comfort of patients. 

Myth: “Oil pulling is a great alternative to professional teeth whitening.”

Fact: Many research acknowledges the health benefits of oil pulling. But when it comes to teeth whitening, there are not enough scientific proofs that can validate the effectiveness of oil pulling in eliminating teeth stains. 

Myth: “Professional teeth whitening is a permanent solution.”

Fact: As much as we want the effects of professional teeth whitening to last for a lifetime, this is not possible. The maximum length for the whiteners to cling in the teeth is three years. But in some instances, the shade of the pearly whites will return to its original state if the patient fails to observe good oral hygiene, routine dental visits, right diet, and healthy lifestyle.

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