Ways to Manage Dental Anxiety

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It is normal for people to be fearful of unfamiliar things and situations. Unfortunately, as common as this is, it can sometimes become harmful. For example, some patients would instead take dental matters into their own hands than see a dental professional. Although over the counter medicines and home remedies work, know that the relief these methods provide is temporary.

comfortable dental care

The best course of action to any forms of dental troubles is to seek the assistance of a dentist since they are the ones who can provide proper diagnosis and treatment. But how about those patients who feel too anxious and fearful of anything that has to do with dentistry? Is there any way for them to receive the oral care services they need and deserve? At Always About Smiles, our answer is a big YES! To make everyone feel more at ease when scheduling their dental appointments, here is a list of tips we have prepared.


Patients should have a good talk with the dentist before scheduling an appointment. They should voice out the things that cause them to be fearful and anxious so that the dental professional can take measures to make their experience more pleasant. It is also ideal to use hand gestures to signal pauses during a particular procedure.

Bring a companion

One thing that may make a person feel more at ease is by having someone they trust at their side. Bringing a family member or friend can give the person assurance and support they need to undergo a scheduled dental procedure. Make sure to bring someone who isn’t afraid of the dentist for them to be more convinced that the appointment would go as smoothly as possible.

Use distractions

Patients should try to use any diversions during an appointment like squeezing a stress ball, counting, or listening to music. Watching feel good and funny videos before the procedure would help as well.

Try relaxation techniques

To stay calm during the appointment, patients can try taking a big breath and letting it out slowly. This method can help to slow down one’s heartbeat and relax the muscles.

Consider sedation dentistry

For patients whose fear and anxiety often gets in their way of receiving any necessary procedures, we at Always About Smiles can use options such as Laughing Gas or Oral Conscious Sedation. With the help of sedation, it would be possible for people to feel more at ease and relaxed during their scheduled appointment. Instead of being fearful, they can calmly sit or lie down in the dental chair while the dentists do their work.

Thanks to the emergence of sedation dentistry options, anyone can get the dental care services they need and deserve without anything that can get in the way. With its help, patients can look forward to their future visits without triggering any fear and anxiety.

What are you waiting for? Let us at Always About Smiles help you with any of your dental needs. If you feel anxious, fret not for we can help Relieve Dental Anxiety in Bethlehem, PA with the help of our sedation options!