Tooth Extraction: What Foods Can I Eat and Should Avoid?

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Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure experienced by both adults and kids. Tooth extraction is considered the last option when a tooth is irreparable, and the reason why it is needed because of the severe tooth infection or decay, gum disease, overcrowding of the teeth, and more. After undergoing a tooth extraction, eating can be one of the difficulties that one may encounter. We have here the list of foods that you can eat and foods that you must avoid.

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What foods should you eat after having your tooth extracted?

  • Ice cream

Ice cream is soft and cold, thus making it the top food the person should eat after undergoing tooth extraction. Ice cream helps minimize the swelling that occurs right after the procedure is done. It is ideal for eating because it doesn’t require much effort on the jaw muscle to eat. However, ice cream is not advisable for those people who have sensitive teeth. 

  • Fresh smoothies

Consuming smoothies is ideal after having a tooth extraction, especially when it is summer. Fresh smoothies can soothe the aching gums and stabilize the gut health by putting rich in probiotic yogurt.

  • Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are rich in protein and don’t require much effort in chewing and eating it. Try to avoid eating scrambled eggs when hot.

What foods should I avoid after having a tooth extraction?

  • Avoid eating spicy and acidic foods

Eating spicy foods can irritate the gums and mouth. It is recommended to wait for it to heal before consuming any of it. Acidic foods can also irritate the mouth and must be avoided.

  • Avoid crunchy snacks

After undergoing a tooth extraction, it is best to avoid it during the first week of the healing period. Eating crunchy foods requires a lot of effort in chewing and eating. There are also chances where it will break off, and tiny bits of it will get stuck in the socket.

  • Avoid using straws

As per the note of U.S. National Library of Medicine, using a straw after undergoing the tooth extraction procedure will increase the risk of having a dry socket. A dry socket is a complication after having the tooth extracted. After the tooth has been removed, a blood clot will form in the socket to protect the bones and nerves as it heals. Dry socket usually occurs when the clot is not formed or is lost that will lead to pain and delays its healing. It is best not to use a straw when drinking beverages to prevent the risk of this complication.

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