The Dangers of Skipping Dental Appointments – Bethlehem, PA

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As an adult, certain things can easily be forgotten due to the busyness of life. For instance, the supposedly “regular” dental visit every six months. Although some people forget this unintentionally, others do it on purpose due to some factors like the costs or usually because of fear and anxiety. Whatever the case may be, it is highly advised not to skip a dental appointment to avoid any potential complications from developing.

At Thomas R. Lambert DMD, MAGD, we understand the importance of regular dental visits, so we encourage our patients to make it a habit. Not only does visiting the dentist on a routine basis keep the smile’s whiteness, the health of the gums, and freshness of the breath, but the overall health is maintained as well.

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Consequences of Skipping Dental Appointments

Two things take place during visits: professional cleanings and thorough dental examination. The teeth, gums, and all the other oral structures will be checked by the dentist to know if any irregularities should be taken cared of. If not observed, here are the possible dangers:


The sensitivity felt when consuming hot or cold substances is often disregarded since the pain is bearable. However, if the issue is left unaddressed, it is more likely to worsen. Painkillers may help alleviate the pain, but only temporarily. Remember, sensitivity can be a sign of cavities or other oral complications, these can stay undetected unless the assistance of a professional is sought. If there are sudden discomfort, make sure to schedule an appointment immediately.

Gum disease

Gum disease does not just suddenly take place; it is a result of the long-term negligence done by patients to their oral health. If only professional measures are made when the earliest signs like bleeding gums manifested, the disease may not be present.

Costly and complicated dental treatments

Patients who only seek the assistance of a dentist when toothaches become unbearable will more likely need to undergo intensive procedures to cure their dental woes. For example, a cavity only needs a dental filling to prevent it from worsening, however, if it spreads, a root canal is required.

Health problems

Some evidence linked oral and general health. Plaques which cause dental problems can spread to other parts of the body and lead to problems like heart disease, dementia, diabetes, respiratory problems, and even certain types of cancer. Although the exact causes are yet to be determined, it is always better to observe prevention than cure.

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