Teeth Whitening Get You The Smile You Want

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February 26, 2017 Don’t waste your money on those teeth whitening kits you find in stores. They work — a little. But they can be messy and confusing. Worse, they won’t give you the dazzling smile you expect from teeth whitening. Call our Bethlehem, PA dental office today at 484-935-3637 and make an appointment for […]

Kids Need Athletic Mouthguards For Spring Sports

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February 21, 2017 Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2nd, spring is still on its way. That means schools, park districts, and more will be gearing up for spring sports. Your children will be getting ready to get the exercise and teamwork skills they need. That also means you need to […]

When Should You Help A Baby Tooth Fall Out?

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February 16, 2017 Your children will lose their baby (or primary) teeth soon enough. But if one of their teeth is loose, should you help it come out? As this short video explains, it depends on your child. Call us today at 484-935-3637 to schedule the next appointment for family dentistry. Dr. Lambert and his […]

The Truth About Fluoride And Your Health

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February 11, 2017 Fluoride has been used to help strengthen your teeth for so many years that many people forget it’s even there. Most communities in the US add fluoride to tap water like we add iodine to sale or vitamin-D to milk: it’s safe, and it keeps us healthier. However, there are some who […]

Improve Your Smile Instantly With Dental Veneers

February 6, 2017 Sometimes, dental work you had done many years ago begins to fade or cause problems. When your teeth aren’t looking as good as they should, call our Bethlehem, PA dental office at 484-935-3637 and schedule an appointment for dental veneers. This cosmetic dentistry treatment covers the front of your teeth. They’re shaded […]

Correcting The Biggest Root Canal Myths

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February 1, 2017 A chronic toothache is a sign you need a root canal. Thankfully, they are not painful! Call our Bethlehem, PA dental office today at 484-935-3637 and schedule your appointment for a root canal that can save your tooth. Why Would You Need A Root Canal? Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. […]

You Have A Dental Emergency — Now What?


January 21, 2017 A broken tooth, one that was knocked out, powerful toothaches — these are are dental emergencies. But what do you do when you have one? How can you stay calm and help? First thing, you need to call Dr. Lambert at 484-935-3637 to schedule an emergency appointment. Always About Smiles sees patients […]

Look Good And Feel Great With Teeth Whitening

January 16, 2017 When you look good, you feel good. You can feel great thanks to KöR Teeth Whitening! Unlike weak and confusing drugstore teeth whitening kits, you can get professional-strength teeth whitening at our Bethlehem, PA dental office. Plus, you won’t have to guess with those hard-to-read instructions. Instead, you get your whiter smile […]

Sedation Dentistry To Beat Dental Anxiety

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January 11, 2017 Dental anxiety is a real problem. If you are anxious about going to see a dentist, you’re certainly not alone. However, you need to get regular dental care. That’s why you need to call Dr. Lambert today at 484-935-3637 to schedule an appointment including sedation dentistry. Dr. Lambert is highly skilled at […]

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